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How festus fadeyi used and dumbed Toke makinwa and gifted her fake properties


Apparently, Toke Makinwa a 35yr old social media/radio personality, self acclaimed feminist and miss independent was dating a 79yr old Festus Fadeyi who allegedly gifted her with a mansion in Banana Island. Property that was later taken away from her and was chased out like a Church rat by AMCON.

Festus Fadeyi, is the Chairman, Ocean Oil Corporation, an indigenous oil and gas company. And his company “Pan Ocean is indebted to AMCON. After several court cases, AMCON took over some assets of Pan Ocean group over debt of N240bn in order to recover their money.

What’s AMCON all about? According to wiki, Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) is a body established by the Act of the National Assembly of Nigeria in July 2010 with an intended 10 years lifespan. The concept is in consonance with the operation of the National Asset.

ALL the ceased properties are to be auctioned out to serious buyers to cover up their N240B from Pan Ocean group owned by Festus Fadeyi, Toke Makiwa sugar daddy.

Currently, Toke has relocated to her house in Ikoyi with just some few clothes, pants and bra. They didn’t allow her enter the apartment to pick her belongings sha. Now she’s in Ikoyi probably in a house gifted to her by another sugar daddy or same Festus. This life sha e no balance at all!

From the look of things, it seems she survives by Sugar Daddies financial supports. Pray For Local Woman TOKE.

How about her net worth? Honestly, before now we do rate her with approximately $3million. Due to her Flamboyant lifestyles on social media, been a radio host and vlogger who claimed to have several sources of income.

According to some photos evidences uploaded by her and her management, she has had numerous endorsements deals under her belt as well as other businesses. Not knowing that hanty survives by the grace of almighty Gbola, Cucumber, Cassava etc. Las las she go come Instagram dey form FEMINIST and miss independent. Kai Insidelife.

Photo of Toke Makiwa before she transformed from Coke to Fanta and started her hoeing lifestyles coupled with self acclaimed Feminism. Meanwhile she survive by an old married man dick. Sigh this life no balance at all. Issorite.

The guy with her in the picture, was her Ex-Husband Maje Ayida. We don’t wanna dive into this topic sha because the matter long. Besides it’s not part of the topic of discussion today.

But on an interview after their divorce, she said, “He Made Me Bleach My Skin, Forced Me Do A Sex Tape & Finally Shattered My Heart By Impregnating His Ex”.

Why would you force her to bleach in the first place. If you like them fair, then go for fair ladies and leave dark skin women alone! This goes to all the men out there. Go for what you like.. instead of trying to change someone else’s skin color or lifestyles when you haven’t changed yours. ODE!

And to the ladies. You’re beautiful just the way you are. Don’t let anyone talk you down. There is a man for you. Same way there’s a woman for every man. Get sense!

This matter tie wrapper and gele sha. However, in our own point of view on this matter, we think Festus Fadeyi used and dumped Toke Makinwa. After Knacking her front and back with reckless abandon. How could he gift a girl a house and still use same house to settle his debit. Who does that!

Don’t be surprise, all the cars he bought for her will be collected sooner than expected. He just dey use this girl dey cure Konji.

And why Nigerians are so hard on Toke over this matter is because that’s what she does to others. She mock and make others feel less of themselves on Twitter and Instagram. Karma is truely a b*tch.

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