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Bbnaija: let’s talk about dorathy’s boobs, our milk industry in the house


Big brother naija season 5 has now started with a lot. of dramas in the house.

There those who came to eat, enjoy, show themselves and those who are there for the money and how much are we talking about here, 78million naira. Who will be the lucky winner.

While some fans and viewers are contemplating on who and who to vote for or be their favorite housemate, we’av got one interests housemate in the big brother naija season 5 house.

We bring to you our dearest dorathy, the girl with sause, the babe with the boobs, dorathy’s gat everything a man would ever want in a woman’s body, and this gat some male fan and viewers dripping. While big brother naija is going, and there is a football match, I don’t think any man while ever leaves to watch dorathy’s boobs for a football game.

Dorathy bachor is a 24-year-old entrepreneur and Instagram influencer from Lagos state, she believes she is the only one who should make you smile. Her sassiness will definitely prove to be an asset in Biggie’s house.

Many fans and viewers have chosen to stand by her and vote for her till the end but will they fulfill their say as it’s just the beginning of the show.

Yesterday not long after being introduced, and fans wowed at her big asset she was already trending on all platforms of the social media.

Fans let’s stay, support and vote for whom you think qualifies for the crown till the very last day, thanks.

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