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Bbnaija 2020 lockdown: housemates in entanglement


Ozo appears to be in a quagmire that requires him to decide which of the ladies he wants to pursue a relationship with even though he insists there’s no lady in the House he is entangled with. Some of you saw his situation for what it truly is.

In his conversation with Eric later, he made it clear that if he had to pick between a relationship in the House and his friendship with Dorathy, he’d pick the latter.

The House got to Erica today and she let the tears fall. Faced by her biggest fear of self-doubt, she found comfort in the soothing words of Kiddwaya who laid next to her. “You’re strong, fierce and passionate,” he said reassuringly. Mad at herself for crying, she said “people want to be here (in the House) and I am here and I’m crying. Kiddwaya urged her to let the tears all out. “The body needs to release what it needs to release and when you are done, you will feel better,” 

The situation in the House has started getting tense and it’s just the first week. How would the Housemates fare with the new discoveries they are finding out between each other? Is this the end of the good vibes? Should we prepare for more hostilities? Time will tell.


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