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Bbnaija 2020: here is what housemates said about each other


In Biggie’s house, housemates have been busy observing one another and in a get to know section her us what few housemates said about each other in big brother naija.

Neo: Vee is giving me vibes. I never expected that. I know she knows why we’re here. If it ends Timo, I no go send but i appreciate. Every time she’s asking if I’m okay. I no mind but I’m not getting distracted. This kind thing happens and you know someone get ur back.

Eric: People they talk about most inside the house are the most talked about outside.

Neo: Me and you reason alike… Guy, I don’t care. I’m really game for all that. I like her pace.ย 

Neo: Erica was giving me a certain vibe when i was massaging her.


Eric: Abeg no reason her, she might be getting bad blood. The first night, she complained about cold and tochi called her, she told me she wants to stay with me for bed, i say no P after she leftย 

Eric canceling Erica.

Praise: I’m withdrawing from lots of people now. Laslas, we’re all here for a reason. We don catch our cruise and I’m withdrawing slowly. You’ll hear less of my voice.

Neo: Everything is energy. As you give me, na so i go pack am give you.

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